Thursday, January 28, 2016


Hi fellas , tonight I would like to share you , HOW TO LEAD A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE . But , 1st thing 1st let me tell you , what is a healthy lifestyle about . 

A healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve people's health and well-being. Many governments and non-governmental organizations have made big efforts in healthy lifestyle and health promotion "

" an apple a day , keeps the doctor away "

Almost all of  us think that healthy lifestyle comes from diet , yes it's true . For your information , healthy lifestyle is not all about diet only . Let's go to the next phrase . I'll tell you how . =)


- terms of eat healthily is the amount of calories that you take for every breakfast / lunch / dinner .
  Don't skip any of that , diet doesn't means you skip any of breakfast / lunch / dinner . These 3 are       important . Eat less don't skip , let me share you some picture of healthy eating . 

Your food must consist of these 5 things , fruits , grains, protein vegetables and dairy .
Let me show you food pyramid in order to make you understand very well about the quantity that you should take for each section .

Before I forgot , you must drink at least 8 glass of plain water / day . If possible , please avoid any soft drinks . In the next entry , I'll tell  you how many sugar consist in a box of soft drink .


- In order to stay healthy , you must do some exercise at least 3 times /week , What kind of exercises  that you   should do ? Depend on your body capability , for beginner don't do a  heavy exercise you may start it with , cycling , swimming , jogging so on and so forth .


- Attitude here means the way you think . Avoid stress . Avoid negative thinking .Think positively . Face everything calmly , and think smart to solve it . 

I think I've should call it a day . Enough for tonight , till we meet again in the next entry . Hopefully all these  tips can help you to lead a healthy lifestyle . Adios fellas ♥

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  1. info berguna ni..

    cntik dh blog..yui xkemas kemas lg..t ak berapa pndai..hahah.tkut adjust jd lg truk.

  2. Hehe . Thanks yui . Nie pon yana mintak bantuan pakar , bukan yana edit sepenuhnya .. =D yana pon takot nak tkaq sendiri ,menangis x berlagu nti . Huhu

  3. tips yang baik dari lyana...terima kasih atas perkongsian. nak cuba juga....healthy lifestyle macam ni

  4. Singgah sekali lagi nak bagitau anda di Tag di

  5. Hee . Cuba taw aRz mana tahu mujarab . Trima kasih laa sebab sudi singgah yaaa

  6. nice tips kak yana.. hsna bnyak consume air kosong jaa.. exercise langsung tak.. huhuhu..

  7. hehehe terima kasih husna . sama la kak yana pon xpernah cuba curi masa nak excercise , in shaa allah in future nak cuba , tapi bab air tu mmg kurang hehehe


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