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What Inside The Althea's UN-PORE-GETABLE BOX

December 05, 2017

What Inside The Althea's Un-Pore-Getable Box ?


Hiii everyoneeee ! Okay today I would like to share with you guys my excitement when I received my very 1st Althea's Korea box named the UN-PORE-GETABLE-BOX .. I like every single stuff inside it .. There are 9 skincare stuffs and a cushion from Laneige which is very suit to my skin .. You know what I managed to "incite" 1 of my friend to buy the UN-PORE-GETABLE BOX from Althea's Korea .. Let's read more about What Inside The Althea's UN-PORE-GETABLE BOX ..

Before I show what's inside the box let me brief you some info of Althea's Beauty Box , when is Althea launching beauty box?" "Will there be a beauty box?" "Please sell beauty boxes!". Unveiling the latest addition to the Althea Korea family are our line of limited edition beauty boxes, specially curated by the fairy team in Seoul. Expect 2 - 3 thematic boxes every month from October onwards and get ready to snag them before they go OOS! (out of stock).. Their first box was released like a ninja over the site last two weeks ago and has since sold out twice! You would have probably missed it, but it was a box containing 7 full-size beauty products, handpicked to make your face makeup proof. The fairy team named it the "Life-Proof Makeup Box" filled with goodies for long lasting goodness and coverage. It was sold at RM110 / S$37 / P1,280 / RP360,000 / 920THB  (what a steal!).

The second box "Cute Box" was released a couple of days ago. It contains 9 full-size beauty products handpicked across Althea that's cute and functional. From nail care to cosmetic products, this box is what every girl needs - cuteness and trendiness.. Let's discover what's inside the box I've received named The Althea's UN-PORE-GETABLE-BOX !!


Jeju volcanic clay cleanses deep within the pores using sebum controlling properties for clean skin .. Volcanic clay , amazing raw material made from solidified Jeju lava that has skin detoxifying powers.

Sebum Removal + Healthy Complexion + Trouble Care
- volcanic clay controls sebum production within the pores and removes waste for fresh, clear skin ..

Soft Feeling Without Stiffness ! Skin That Takes Makeup Better !
- volcanic clay is rich in nutrients and minerals that help to smooth out skin texture , making makeup application easier and better ..

4 Free System
- no mineral oil , animal products , artificial fragrances or imidazolidinyl urea ..


Finger pad from common labs , keep your skin clean , even and hydrated with these convenient pads .. Pore care / dead skin cell removal / whitening / evening out skin texture .. Here are 5 benefits of using this soft intensity finger pad ..

  1. Clean skincare , keep it hygienic during your beauty routine with peeling pads
  2. Trouble care at home, keep those spots at bay with this solution in the comfort of your own home ..
  3. Definite cleansing , whisk away any particles you might have missed from cleansing ..
  4. Preventing bad makeup , moisturizes and evens out the skin's texture to allow makeup to adhere better to the skin ..
  5. Makeup fix , travel-friendly making it easy to prep the skin for makeup on-the-go ..


Powder fit cushion #23 Sand , cream to powder twist cushion with a soft lightweight finish , this feels just like skin ..

  • Powder Matt Finish - with a cream-to-powder finish it leaves the skin feeling fresh ..
  • Fits Comfortably Like My Own Skin ! - gives the skin a breathable comfortable wear ..
  • Perfectly Covers Pores / Flaws - full coverage that easily smoothes and covers blemishes ..
  • Makeup Persistency - keeps sebum and sweat at bay for makeup lasts all day long !
  • Mesh Net Flat Cushion - with a mesh net cushion the foundation is evenly dispensed for easy application ..


Minimize those pores ! Contains glacial milk from Iceland Glacial Milk .. 
  • minimizes pores
  • improve complexion
  • decreases water
  • temporarily reduces skin temprature
Why Iceland's glacial milk ? Iceland's glacial milk is rich in minerals , comes from an unpolluted , clean area , glacial milk is rich in active hydrogen and doesn't contain impurities and glacial milk is similar to water content within the human body ..


I love both masks so much because it makes may skin feel soooo fresh and smooth .. Furthermore the hydrating flower essence mask smell very nice .. I would like to recommend both masks for you guys .. It is not only cheap but it also makes your skin feel and look much much better !


Removing unnecessary oil and filling moisture , it balances pH level !! Toner , the very first moist for skin .. KLAIRS , fill moist to sensitive skin after cleansing , help pH  balance for better absorption .. Also lessened the stimulation for sensitive skin .. Faster absorption , upgraded mositurization .. The newly upgraded toner kept all the goods .. Added upgraded moisturizing for longer lasting moist ..


A sample kit to experience Innisfree's main line :

Jeju Volcanic Pore Care , control excess sebum and minimize enlarged pores for a fresh complexion with volcanic extracts from Jeju Island .. Effectively reduce and control sebum production with Jeju's super volcanic capsule .. As the capsules burst , it aids in exfoliating away dead kin cells and excess sebum for soft smooth skin ..


Tadaaaa ! Surprisingly I've got another sample kit randomly given for me .. What are they ? Please take a look at the picture below ..

Thank you soooo much Althea Korea for The Althea's UN-PORE-GETABLE BOX .. I love all the items inside the box .. For those who is interested with the Althea Korea products you guys can visit the website below :

Okay , I think that's all from me today .. For your information unfortunately THE UN-PORE-GETABLE BOX already SOLD OUT .. But , not to worry there are a lots of interesting box that can be found in Althea I can guarantee you guys all Althea products are safe to be use so you guys don't have to worry aboutt it yeahh .. Papaii till we meet again in the next entries .. ♥♥

LYANA REVIEW : I love every single skincare products inside the box.. I am kind of paranoid person.. I don't simply put any skincare on my skin but with Althea's products worries no more.. My favourites are Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask and Laneige Powder Fit Cushion #23 Sand.. 


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